Friday, November 21, 2008

friday educational thoughts from glaeser

Sometimes Harvard has good ideas.

Like these.

I think the educational system in the United States would be largely improved by these four factors:

1) High Teacher Quality
2) High Quality of School Leadership
3) High Expectations for Students
4) A Way for those High Quality Teachers to Not Work 100 hours a week, maybe just 60.

I don't really know how the last one works yet, I haven't figured it out. I'm not teaching right now in large part because I don't see it as sustainable. It's simply not possible for me to work 80 hours a week consistently, and as the system is set up right now, I think this is what good teaching requires, especially in places where students are coming in behind their peers. And I have to believe that there are ways to make this possible, that we could live in a place where our teachers don't have to spend every waking moment thinking about their classroom. But it will take hard work, not just on the part of teachers.

Also, I think Michelle Rhee is awesome, and doing amazing work.


LKT said...

You really don't have to work 80 hours a week to be an effective teacher. I work about 45-50. 55 on my really busy weeks. A truly effective teacher is a sustainable teacher. I think TFA runs on the burn out system, and to be an effective, long-lasting teacher you have to make it work in your real life.

Gretzky said...

i don't think every teacher has to do so, i think for me to do it effectively, it takes me 80 hours a week. maybe you're more efficient, lkt!