Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"...it addresses the fact that people aren’t really saying what’s going on inside them" -colin firth,

in the new york times yesterday...on the upcoming movie A Single Man, in which Firth plays a single man mourning the death of his lover in the 60's. He can't publicly mourn because he happens to be gay.

It's so true, so much of what we're thinking often lies beneath the surface and isn't expressed, due to personal choice and/or cultural pressures. It reminds me of Vivi in Divine Secrets, talking about how if people only knew what was going on inside of others, how fragile we are, we'd treat each other differently - better.

I just horribly misquoted that, but that's the essence of it...and then there's ingrid michaelson:

we are so fragile / and our cracking bones make noise /and we are just / breakable breakable breakable girls and boys

Probably I'm reminded of all of these because I'm feeling fragile myself. Death does that, reminds me of our frailty. And how we should be more careful with each other....and of course, it's Advent, the season where we're supposed to be paying attention. Eyes wide, hearts open.

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