Sunday, May 9, 2010

"We analyzed records of deer and elk carcasses removed from Washington State highways between 2000-2004.."

- from An Analysis of Deer and Elk-Vehicle Collision Sites along State Highways in Washington State, Washington State, 2008.

Last weekend K8 was driving home to Wenatchee when she swerved to avoid four deer crossing the road.

The car is totaled, but she's totally fine. Which is good.

I went to Wenatchee to visit her, and I was sort of - okay, really -freaking out about deer every 2 seconds. Especially because they post these damn deer crossing signs every two miles that are neon yellow and say, Deer, Next 4 miles.

I don't understand why they keep posting the damn signs every 2 miles if they're telling you it's for the next 4.

It's probably to give panic-prone people like myself panic attacks every 2 miles.

I didn't want to pay for comprehensive/collision, but I am reconsidering my options if I want to drive back to Wenatchee again....

And just in case you're not freaking out about deer, check out that WSDOT report. It's pretty terrifying.

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