Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Forget love. Try good manners." - Vivi*

Really, people. If you are going to make plans to meet someone for a date, said day comes along, and you decide not to go, if you are unable to make it, don't just not show up. Send some excuse, at least. Here are some reasonable options, any one of which would have not made me ever want to meet you again, but would have worked at least as an excuse. Thankfully I was waiting at a bookstore, and lost track of time reading Milosz, which would have made me late to said date, but I would never just not show up. How rude!

Some excuses that could be valid:

"I got hit by a bus and broke my right leg."

"I have food poisoning and am puking my guts out every 2 minutes."

"My car was stolen and I am writing a police report."

Of course, the only way these would be acceptable is if someone actually CALLED AND SAID THEM. Manners, people, what happened to manners? I'm going to start giving out free copies of the Guide to Excuciatingly Correct Behavior.

*from Divine Secrets, Rebecca Wells

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