Thursday, December 18, 2008

if i were going to buy more boots

i would buy the ugg kona boots, which i have been obsessed with for approximately 27 hours. or the surfcat ones.

i went boot-shopping with BeCs before she left for Germany, and we both found some...I love these new boots: they are cool-looking, I could wear them horse-back riding if I wanted, and i can walk for miles in them. I've worn them about 60 times since I bought them. But they are NOT warm. And it is FREEZING outside.

But I don't really need ugg kona boots, since I just bought some boots two months ago. The fact that I don't need them is not preventing me from constantly checking ebay to see if there's any chance they're up there for under $100.00.


Jen said...

I considered boots very similar to those before coming to Mongolia. I ended up deciding a needed something more waterproof and went with these. Of course, since coming I've realized that Uggs would've been fine, but I still like these. And they're sort of fit in with the traditional Mongolian boot.

Gretzky said...

nice choice jen! I've looked at those, too!