Monday, February 15, 2010

more modern love columns....

Funny, Tiffany. Did you tell your husband yet? I, too, gave up on online dating. I think it's a helpful tool for many people, but for me, mostly I think it's artificial and forced and I think relationships in my world happen more organically.

Anyway, maybe I'll try to meet someone in a particular profession. Which professions should I consider stalking?

I mean, there's the obvious ones, but we've already got a doctor and lawyer in the family and I don't think we need any more of those....

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orangegirl said...

1. Carpenter should be high on the list. Muscles, brawn and handiman all in one.

2. Musician, but only if he can talk about normal things too, and not just his own music.

3. A musical carpenter. Think about it. All those music boxes.

4. A psychologist. But one who can build things with his hands. Like a carpenter.

5. A farmer.

6. A dentist. (used to be carpenters = wooden teeth)

7. A social worker who also coaches softball.

8. An arborist.

9. A teacher who really likes what he does, and maybe also builds things in his spare time.

10. Another librarian, but someone who´s willing to work in another section of the library than you. And maybe he builds shelves for fun.

11. Jesus.