Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"stop looking for a soulmate. your soulmate is a fabric store, and it's called 'frau tulip,'"

"which means 'mrs. tulip.' EVERYTHING in there looked like it'd been taken from your bedroom - every bolt of fabric, every purse, button, scarf or ribbon."

- letter from beck, 2/08/10

Fuck. Why does my soulmate have to be German? And why in Berlin? Well, whew, at least my soulmate exists. I was getting worried.


orangegirl said...

She´s still here, Gretz. Waiting for you...

orangegirl said...

besides, that´s exactly what I said. Why did my big love have to be German? You get to choose your socks in the morning, and the kind of handbag you go out with. You don´t get to choose the nationality of the person you fall in love with. Live with it.