Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"This is the most romantic place I've ever been in. Too bad Dave's not here." - Sij

Here's the scoop:

I've been moving. Moving, moving, moving. Packing kitchen stuff and books and getting rid of things I will never use, like the orange backpack, because I don't need 5 backpacks, I only need one. And also the beautiful cherry shelves, because they won't fit and someone else can use them.

And then Sij came and we went to the Olympic Peninsula and it was BEAUTIFUL. I would one day like to honeymoon there, stopping at a town on the coast every day. Sequim is marvelous. We stayed in the Treehouse because no one else was in any cabin and they upgraded us, and I highly recommend it. Super romantic. It would probably be more romantic with someone you wanted to kiss, but it was also pretty great with a good friend.

We went to see the kids exhibit at the Glass museum, which is also worth a trek to Tacoma, as are the hot glassblowers, and then to an Indigo Girls show at the Pantages theater, which is also lovely. Go there if you can.

And then back for more moving and now down in Portland for a conference with librarians wearing bags that say, "Radical Militant Librarians." Well, only one librarian had one of those. I want one of those. It's from an internal FBI memo that ended up on NPR. Apparently the FBI thinks librarians are dangerous.

We got to hear Nicholas Kristof speak today. Basically, if you've read his columns, you've heard it, but I just think he's pretty thought-provoking and I appreciate his push for gender equality and empowerment.

And we went to Powell's AND got gelato. Grapefruit gelato. It was also amazing.

Whew. Like Calvin says, the days are just packed.

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orangegirl said...

Librarians ARE dangerous, Gretz. There is a Nancy Pearl action figurine. They wouldn´t have that if someone important somewhere didn´t believe that librarians can kick butt.