Friday, April 2, 2010

"that was the best church service I've been to in a while" - e

Patty Griffin rocks. She rocked out the Moore last night with songs from her latest album, which is mostly gospel. She's been rocking it most of this tour, apparently.

I tried to find a youtube clip that would do her justice and couldn't.

Best two songs of the night:

Cover of Waylon Jennings' I Do Believe, and also a new song Patty wrote for her great-grandpa, Get Ready Marie. Oh, and my favorite off this album - Little Fire.

Also, Buddy Miller is awesome. His wife Julie Miller was my first concert ever, when I was 12.

You could go see her in Portland this weekend, I believe.

Since I couldn't find good Patty, here's Waylon doing his original. I like Patty's version better, but Waylon was pretty awesome, let's be honest.

And here's Buddy and Patty from last years' 3 girls and their buddy tour...

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