Tuesday, June 1, 2010

''If Craig M. gets a rose tonight, I will know for sure there is no God.'' - weatherman

um, because i was homeworking, I did not watch the bachelorette. however, I did read Jennifer Armstrong's article about it, and if I were a ew journalist, I would be her, because she is FUNNY. I do realize it's pretty easy to make fun of the bachelorette, but still.

But after reading her take, of course I went to hulu and watched the second part because the weatherman is perhaps the funniest reality tv persona I think i've ever seen, and also because I am just amazed at the level of ridic that people stoop to.

my thoughts are that jesse's adorable but way too young. craig m is an ass, who actually said on national television that he couldn't talk to people shorter than him. and THEN went on to say that he hoped there were some hotties on the plane ride home because he needed some extra attention. And he added that Allie just made a big mistake. Wow, that's a classy act right there. (I'd also like to point out that his conversation with allie was a PERFECT tutorial for what NOT to do on a date. In fact, dating coaches could use it to showcase where everything goes wrong. You know when a girl asks you if you're uncomfortable, it's not going too hot. )

Where does abc get these people? I think they pick some idiots on purpose.

Including my favorite, the weatherman. he is not my favorite for allie, and I certainly wouldn't date him, but he's pretty fricking funny. And too serious at the same time. I also can't really get down with his world view, but he has some awesome one-liners. I wonder if he's as funny on the weather show?

Also, roberto is a good one, chris l is solid, and justin is just weird. And slightly creepy. I vote no.

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