Thursday, May 7, 2009

"if you ever think of it, you could try pinching the basil" - nj

Umm, I will never think of pinching the basil. In fact, I will probably never water it. Maybe if NJ goes away for a bit, but even then, a text/email reminder will probably be necessary. But apparently, pinching the basil will help it grow out and not just up. This is supposed to be good.

I can kill plants just by looking at them. Maybe I could be a superhero - bup ba da, Plantkiller to the Rescue!

But NJ is going to town, with plants all up and down our windowsills, and I did help this weekend clear out some weeds and invasive things that had taken over. And we will have chard, and kale, and squash, and pumpkins, and tomatoes, and cucumbers! Theoretically, if they grow, of course. Which they probably will, since I am not responsible for them and NJ has a garden plan and everything.

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