Thursday, May 28, 2009

"wil shortz , you're an ass" - ringo

Ringo and I had to do the kids' crossword puzzle in the Sunday paper last week to console ourselves for only getting about 8 clues in the nytimes puzzle...Poor Wil Shortz. It's really not his fault we aren't adept at clues. But I wouldn't like to be in a situation where I had to rely on my crossword puzzle solving abilities to get me out of it. Say, if I was being held hostage and the only way to get out was to do a crossword. I would probably die trying to figure out a 4 letter word for "heroin, slangily" or a 5 letter "beast with twisted horns."

The likelihood of such a hostage crossword scenario is pretty slim, I know, but I like to be prepared.

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LKT said...

It's Malaeska you really have to watch out for.