Friday, July 17, 2009

i hate action plans OR scheduling is a pain in the ass OR wow, some people do this 24/7

when I am done with this summer, I will go back to using my little notebook calendar and that will be enough for me.

i do not think people were made to live booked solid from 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. with no time to breathe.


this is my typical day in philly:

5:30-45 ish: wake up and stumble into some kind of professional outfit.
6:15: leave to walk 15 minutes to the dining hall to pick up lunch
6:40: either hop in the school van or trek over to the bus.
Get to school at 7 or 7:30 depending on the mode of transportation
8-12: Observe corps members' teaching. Walk kids to class who are hanging out in the hallway. Finish prepping sessions. Talk to summer mentor teachers. Run around the school, basically.
12-12:30 debrief one of the observation or make a ton of announcements or roll up a crapload of data...
12:30-4:20: Review lesson plans, enter rubric ratings, plan a session, find something a c.m. needs, lead a session, send an e-mail reminder about something, maybe eat the sandwich I was supposed to eat at lunch, participate in a session, help cms write lesson plans
4:20-5...take bus or van back to temple
5-7:debriefs from observations, sometimes at dinner
7-10, or 11, or 12, or 1....planning sessions, office hours for lesson planning, reviewing lesson plans, School Team Meeting, CMA meeting, etc...

I haven't actually been blogging live, I've been spending about an hour on Sat afternoon making weekly posts.

Sigh. 2 more weeks.

It's good work, but wow, I'm glad I'm not doing this forever.

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k8 said...

i'm concerned about the food safety of that sandwich.