Wednesday, July 1, 2009

i heart books

all genres.

i'd read the back of a cereal box if I had to, but thankfully there are these amazing things called books.

i'm jealous of all of you who actually have time right now to read laid back books. enjoy them for me.

in august, here's my starter list of books I want to read, in no particular order, just some I'm waiting for... I am leaning towards starting with the ones I don't have to think as much about while reading, but i'm also looking forward to the ones I get to think about too....


Brave New World
, Huxley.

Brave New World Revisited, Huxley.

Border Songs,
Jim Lynch

, Jean Korelitz

MUST FINISH History of Love, Krauss..This book is so beautifully written, I couldn't bear to finish it before I left Seattle, I'm saving it for when I get back.

A Place of Greater Safety
, Hilary Mantel

Without a Soul to Move
, William Dewey

, Tim Winton

Twenty Fragments of a Ravenous Youth
, Xiaolu Guo

and I want to re-read Allende's House of Spirits....

YA Lit

North of Beautiful
, Justina Chen Headley

Project Sweet Life
, Brent Hartinger

Hate That Cat
, Sharon Creech


Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven

(I know, lousy title, but Nancy Pearl says it's better than the title!), Gilman

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life
, Rosenthal.

, Patel.

The Children in Room E4
, Susan Eaton.

Black Feminist Thought
, Patricia Hill Collins.

Golden Spruce
, John Valiant.

Truck: A Love Story
, Michael Perry.

A Future for Africa, Katongole


Face, Alexie

Year of Common Things, Norris.

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april. said...

have not yet read ANY of these. maybe we should do a book swap sometime?? cant wait til august 5th :)