Monday, November 16, 2009

"i just want to hold you in my gaze for awhile so i can remember every line around your smile..."

Over the Rhine, When I Go lyrics...

Wow. Last night's OtR concert was kind of hard. I mean, I know they're melancholy, but every song? 7 in a row? of sadness? They seemed wistful. Like someone close was missing. I guess if you're really alive, someone close to you is missing.

There's a little sad season somewhere among the golden leaves and jacket wearing weather. I mean, All Saint's day, and day of the dead are here to help us remember those who've passed remind us of love and also to remind us that one day we too will shuffle off.

And then so many songs of sadness last night...Winter's coming, the hard season. Cold and flus running around, mothers telling kids to wash their hands and bundle up, harking back to previous times pre-antibiotics, when a runny nose could mean the beginning of some serious illness and even death.

During this song I started thinking about Thomas. And Matt. And Stephen. And Marian and Pat and all the others we've loved so much who've left us here. And I started thinking about all the people who loved them, and wanted them to stay so badly.

That's all really. That there's a time to laugh. And a time to mourn. And it was a good weekend to remember people I've loved.

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Michelle said...

I went to a melancholy concert a few years back with some indie artists I've forgotten now. It was lovely and gave me lots of fodder for contemplation. So I'm with you on this one!