Monday, November 23, 2009

"That's Gretzky's life, right there, choosing between a vegan or a pothead, and she picks a dog instead." - NJ

Last night I took Wallace out the front door to go out one last time for the night. My friend LKT stopped her car in the middle of the road and insisted on playing this song for me, the whole thing:

She had it on her car radio, just to clarify, not on youtube. And all I have to say about Norah Jones is that people who were born on March 30th are pretty amazing.

But it's true. Given the choice of Male A (handsome debonair bigshot in fastfood company) or Male B (Microsoft techie guy obsessed with speeches), I pretty much always roll with Male C.

C in my case happens to be a beautiful chocolate border collie named Wallace, who has made me cry once, when he got lost. Pretty much every other day, he makes me laugh.

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k8 said...

chocolate? i would go with caramel.