Friday, August 15, 2008

why I want to be j.c. when I grow up (not Jesus)

I have only ever written one e-mail to an author in my life. Aside from 4th grade writing assignments.

It was to Ellen Shanman, who is adorable. Her first book made me realize some important things about myself. Isn't that the greatest thing about fiction? That a character can influence how the reader thinks about themselves? And maybe even change some things in their life? (And also it was really cool that I wrote her, because she wrote me back! She is good people.)

But when I read Jennifer Crusie's blog this week, I had to write her a letter:

Dear Jennifer Crusie,

Please don't stop blogging. Sometimes people are stupid and make stupid comments, but you shouldn't read them. Just keep writing.



P.S. The only reason I'd advocate for you to stop blogging is if it would give you more time to write with Bob, because those two books you've done so far are the most hilarious books I've ever read in my life, and the world would be a better place with more Lucies and Agneses.

P.S. 2 Bob doesn't think you should stop either. His opinion should probably count more than mine since I am merely a reader and he is actually a partner in crime.

Jennifer Crusie is cool for many reasons, but two good ones are:


"Really, I think the secret to getting a life is to just concentrate on enjoying the people in the one you already have. And to stop scheduling every damn minute with research and meetings. Today was completely worthless from a professional standpoint but my mental health is in the stratosphere. Along with my credit card debt. Still, good mental health is priceless, so no regrets." - 3/27/08 , arghink


"I feel strongly that anybody who evaluates the rest of the people in the world by how closely their attitudes and statements agree with her worldview is in danger of structuring a life much like the Alberto Gonzales Justice Department. We don’t learn from the people who agree with us, we learn from the people who make us say, “Wait a minute,” and that learning goes both ways. I learn a lot from the critics who intelligently analyze my books and find them wanting; I’ve also learned a lot from the people who have thoughfully and calmly disagreed with me on this blog. Haven’t learned a thing from the shriekers and condemners, though. " - 8/13/08 , arghink

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