Thursday, August 14, 2008

"With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60. " - Jack Nicholson

I reluctantly set aside my book, got out of my favorite papasan chair, and shuttered the shades last night after the sun went down. And immediately stepped backwards onto my favorite CVS sunglasses from Toronto, dark red and sexy, with little fake diamond sparklers at the corner. The resounding curse was loud enough for Becky to peek her head in and ask what was wrong, upon which I mournfully moaned I'd stepped on about the 18th pair of sunglasses and broken them. Actually, only one of the ear thingamabobs broke, so technically I could still wear them. Or I could superglue or tape them up.

But neither of these options seems like a good idea.

I think I've broken every pair of sunglasses I've ever owned since becoming a teenager. This is why I do not spend large amounts of money on sunglasses. I tried buying a nice pair once, and promptly stepped on them while visiting Texas. Not really a good place to lose sunglasses. After that I decided the most I'd spend on them would be $10.00, since I'm guaranteed to break them.

This is sort of like how I only get the free phone with my cell phone plan, because it's guaranteed to be dropped into some kind of liquid and permanently damaged at some point.

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