Monday, September 29, 2008

g-chat status updates

Johhny v: corporate absurdity #586: There is a security door on my floor that requires me to badge in to get to the closest restroom. Anyone can easily out-smart this door by going down one set of stairs, walk 10 feet, and then walk up a different set of stairs... and voila! you pop out on the other side of our stalwart security door. ugh.

Evs: "If one student chooses to do math problems instead of drugs, I have been a success."

K8: "my niece caught her first fish and insisted on kissing it before releasing it. hilarious."

and also:

"corn refiners: get your crappy misrepresented HFCS adds out of parenting magazine and off my tv."


Hovig said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this g-chat segment. Hilarious man, just hilarious! It is amazing what kind of funny quotes people produced on the fly in a normal conversation.

More of these, please!

Jen said...

Here, here on the HFCS comment. Boo-hiss.

LKT said...

As far as HFCS is concerned, I don't know what to believe anymore.

Kaitlin said...

perhaps your next piece will be on HFCS? marion nestle explains the controversy in an article in the san francisco chronicle. while she seemingly takes a jab at registered dietitians toward the end, i support her and her position.