Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I wouldn’t date a drummer, they’re too crazy....MWWTRA

MWWTRA*: …they’re a party waiting to happen, a little too much energy, you can't keep track of them.

Guitarists are way too into themselves, too self-focused…Same with vocalists.

Bass players, they’re funny. They kind of do their own thing, and they’re cool. Witty. Go for the bass player.

These are all totally stereotypical generalizations that could be untrue. It’s just most of the time, they’re true.

GRETZKY: What about keyboarders?

MWWTRA: Keyboarders are usually gay. But if they’re not, too much drama.

*musician who wishes to remain anonymous

1 comment:

Kaitlin said...

i find these generalizations to be mostly true. and i do usually like bass players best.