Saturday, September 27, 2008

i think my search for the perfect chai

has ended.

I found it yesterday, after deciding I wanted to continue a tradition I started in Baltimore - supporting local business and get good coffee every Friday morning. It's like getting a treat for going to work on Friday...Sometimes I would pick it up and sometimes my carpool buddy would pick it up...either way, it was delightful.

Sometimes it's the simple things.

So yesterday I walked to Katy's, where I've only had the mocha and a regular coffee, both of which were good. Katy's bright red and yellow surroundings, along with Megan Myers's paintings, are delightful. I ordered chai hesitantly, because so many places screw up my favorite drink.

But Katy's chai was like drinking heaven in a cup. The milk was steamed perfectly, there wasn't too much foam, it wasn't too sweet but also not too spicy. Perfection.

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