Wednesday, October 29, 2008

g-chat love wednesday

april: ♫ i miss beer cubes

k8: ♫ it is a rosie thomas kind of the sweet hopeful sense, not the sad i'll-be-alone-foreverr-but-it's-okay sense.


meg: Get out and campaign for Obama this week!

shannon: my office has Sarah Palin on our policy mailing list.... hm

evs: loves it when sororities of over 100 girls require their members to attend the TFA info session.

if I weren't being invisible, my g-chat status would say:

i love literacy. specifically, I love comprehension strategies: activiating prior knowledge, predictions, visualizing, connections, and summarizing. Also, people who teach kids how to read using these strategies are AWESOME.

I know that's long, but it's all so true.

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