Saturday, October 4, 2008

if you live in Washington and have not registered to vote,

please do so here so that you can vote in the presidential election.


And here's the obnoxious teacher lecture, in case you are unmotivated to do this: Please remember that voting is a privilege and that not everyone in the world has the right to go to the polls. Also please remember that in recent history not everyone in our country had the privilege of voting and participating in our democracy. So exercise your rights as citizens, folks, and vote!

Also, if you need more information about voting, candidates, etc, check out Vote Smart.

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Hovig said...

I know this is not kosher, but if you are one of the folks who exercised your right to vote in the last couple elections by voting for idiots who have ruined our status in the world, dragged us into a war of epic and indefensible proportions, and generally done an amazing job of neglecting our neediest members of society, please do us all a favor: DON'T exercise your right anymore. That way we won't elect people who chip away at all our freedoms in the future.

Thank you.