Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"i can always tell when you're in the kitchen" - Grandpa

Grandpa noted my propensity for clanging about the kitchen after I dropped the kitchen aid mixer and a jar of strawberry rhubarb jam all over my parents' kitchen floor this weekend. It was a lovely mess.

I was moving the jam jars so that I could make cookies, and accidentally inched the mixer off the counter just far enough that it swung over. Those things are heavy. It's good it didn't fall on my foot. A repeat of last year's wine-toe-crushing incident would not be pleasant.

I used this recipe to make said jam, and I think I got too impatient and did not pay attention to the 18 minute rule - I took it off the burner before letting it boil long enough, and the result is a surupy sort of topping that could be good on pancakes but isn't really jam. I wonder if I can reboil it...hmm...

Grandpa also suggested I leave the rhubarb out of it, which I did not take into consideration. Ever since Ringo wondered what she was going to do with her rhubarb, I've wondered what else it could be good for. Apparently, a lot. It's not just for pies and jam. But the leaves are toxic, don't eat them.

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beckythief said...

He's got a point. You're noisy in the kitchen, Gretz.

On the other hand, when you're banging around in the kitchen, it means something good is coming.