Friday, June 5, 2009

Welcome aboard to the Matchmaking Flight. - Air New Zealand


I don't think the zoo was a great suggestion for meeting people, but some folks really feel an airplane flight might be the best matchmaking option open to them. Check out Air New Zealand's new marketing strategy: Find "the One" on a romantic adventure trip to New Zealand.

I wonder how Air New Zealand will measure their success - do they want 80% of their participants to hook up, for example? Or is it enough to expand your horizons? I can't knock the idea too harshly, since BeCs did meet Jens hiking in Costa Rica. But let's be honest, don't these things happen precisely when people aren't looking for them?

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beckythief said...

And please remember that not only was I NOT looking for it, I DIDN'T WANT a boyfriend. Maybe you have to be extremely opposed to the idea, in which case they would be better off sponsoring a "We Don't Want To Find a Partner" trip, which might actually be more fun, more natural and increase the chances of future "collaborations" between parties...