Monday, August 17, 2009

by now I could have had a ph d in philosophy...Vanessa Hidary

"How was the first date?" - Gretzky text

"It was fine until he tried to kiss me. WTF?" - Ringo text

"He missed the no-kissing-on-the-first-date memo?" - Gretzky text

"Apparently....Don't worry, I gave him the memo." -Ringo text

There's been a rash of first dates, second dates, frates (friend + date = confusion about what exactly the meeting is) and other assorted events that make my girlfriends nervous, if guys only knew how much time girls spend analyzing and overanalyzing things...

Then someone sent me vanessa hidary's Ph D in Him....


LKT said...

don't forget last dates. we've had some last dates. :(

oh, and i'll take a kiss on a first day. heck, i've kissed before the first date before.

Liv Ringo said...

GRETA!! I didn't know you posted thissssssssss. Haha