Saturday, August 22, 2009

did you want condoms with that? - Irish ad campaign

K8: I found the pink contraception tin. I thought I'd lost it in the move, but it turned up.

What does it say on it again?

K8: "No matter where, no matter when, think contraception."

K8 found that tin, full of condoms, in Ireland a couple years ago, where it appears they were on a national contraception campaign...the website is still up and there's a great public service ads on it...but you do need to be over the age of consent to watch...(17 in Ireland.)

Here's a transcript of one of the radio psa ads, the night bus:

Bus Script

Older bus driver, has seen it all
Teenage couple

Sound Effect: Bus revving
Bus Driver: Right folks, seats on top!
Bus Driver: Two, is it?
Teenage Girl: Yeah (giggling)
Teenage Guy: Yeah, thanks.
Sound Effect: Ticket machine
Bus Driver: Good night?
Teenage Guy: It’s not over yet!
Teenage Guy and Girl: Laughing
Bus Driver: I hope you have condoms so!
Teenage Guy: What?
Bus Driver: It’s just, I’ve heard that gonorrhea is an awful curse.
Teenage Guy: Huh?
Bus Driver: Next!

Nobody else is going to do the thinking for you.

I think what I find fascinating about the campaign is that it's funny. If you can get people to practice safe sex by being humorous, more power to you.

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k8 said...

excellent ode to ireland's safer sex remains a favorite story of mine to tell.

a few very minor corrections (not to impede artistic license): the tin is not pink but silver, stainless steel--very utilitarian. and there's only one condom inside (named Billy Boy). a perfect blend of practicality and humor as you pointed out. i <3 the irish.