Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the work of women

"The first time I traveled anywhere, I was not yet a writer, but I can now see I was in the process of becoming one." - jamaica kincaid

"sometimes I feel geometric, so my work goes off on tangents" - mayda del valle

i have been looking for time to write.

you'd think with no official full-time job i'd have hours upon hours to do so, but i'm finding since I got home I am distracted......good friends, dogs, part-time work, summer sunshine, family, etc...all clamoring for a piece of my attention and being present. And not that this clamoring is bad: I'm relishing it, very happy to be distracted...But I'm also wondering how in the heck I'm going to discipline myself to actually sit down and write again...I guess this is something women the world over have struggled with forever, so it's nothing new...jenn crusie writes about protecting the work and getting a life, as have a lot of others...

anne lamott talks about writing as the gift God's given her, and mayda del valle talks about this to0...not only does she rock my absolutely favorite style of jeans with a dress*, she's effing awesome. my all-time favorite poem of del valle's is "seduce me" - it's fantastic - but "the gift" is the poem of hers i've been pondering lately:

* Last March, someone told me I couldn't wear jeans with a dress. I cursed her internally, wore it anyway, and looked fantastic. Confidence is everything.

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