Thursday, August 13, 2009

happy birthday Julia

On those days when you go to get a new bra and the saleswoman says, "It's okay, honey, women change their size all the time, don't worry about it," but you feel like crying anyway, because, really, who needs more cleavage? I thought my days of high school insecurities were over, but apparently I'm still a woman, and apparently I still have some... And then you come home from that miserable expedition to find the dog has somehow managed to lock himself in the closet and in wanting desperately to get out, chewed all the wood around the door, and everything that was in said closet all over the closet floor -

Here's what you do on days like that:

1) Eat dinner, preferably Mexican, preferably with margaritas, with at least one good friend.
2) Go see a movie that is funny. Laugh.
3) Take a bath. With bubbles.

That will all help. a LOT.

Especially the movie part. Meryl Streep is awesome. And I now want to be Julia Child. Because

1) She was funny.
2) She loved life. Every bit of it.
3) There was only one person she didn't like. I admire that.

I read the book Julie and Julia when it came out in 2006, and I loved it. It made me laugh out loud. So I was skeptical about the movie, especially after reading the reviews...but Ringo talked me into it and it was good.

And it's Julia Child's birthday today, so happy birthday Julia!

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Sara in Seattle said...

I can totally sympathize. Even more than the stretchmarks, the thing that bums me out most about my post-baby body is the fact that my chest has grown three sizes. I hate it. I am so bummed about it that I refuse to buy any new undergarments to accommodate them, which is leading to an unfortunate state of affairs: dingy, ill-fitting bras. *sigh*