Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"aagh!!! serial commas!" - BeC

BeC was editing an article the other day, and mentioned serial commas can pose some problems and start arguments among editorial staff. Apparently two colleagues had a fight about it for an hour on the way to the airport last week. She was sitting in between them.

I can think of other things I'd rather be arguing about, but as a recovering English teacher, I appreciate people who care about language so much. Especially when they're funny and remind me of John Cusack in Say Anything when Diane breaks his heart and he tells her to stop using quotations, like that sheila girl.


andrew said...

i may have been involved in that altercation. the funny thing about the scenario was that our editor-in-chief, who could care less about serial commas, instigated the debate.

the other funny thing is that i'm generally an unlikley candidate to challenge someone about their odd beliefs, but serial commas are hallowed ground and must be defended.

Gretzky said...

Can I quote you on the "serial commas are hallowed ground?"

And I think you should write an ode to serial commas for coffeehouse.