Monday, April 7, 2008

"I love my country, but I think we should start seeing other people." - bumper sticker seen outside my office window

I was looking at the back of some slick magazine today, and there was an ad for the jet that Bill Gates owns, and also Warren Buffett. They are pictured in the cabin of the plane, and they are laughing.

I am not really sure how the company got these two to advertise, (I mean, really, do they need anything else?) but looking at it made me think of this bumper sticker I had walked past the other day on my way into the office.

Also, I am in love with Tavis Smiley. I don't think he'd be up for joining my date campaign, but I am thinking about being one of those crazy people who writes someone famous and asks them out.

I was listening to Tavis' show yesterday, and he was interviewing Clarence Jones and Dorothy Cotton, who worked with Martin Luther King,Jr. They were at the Mason Temple, and when Jones spoke of how he didn't take MLK's phone call the day he was assasinated, and when Cotton spoke of not stopping with what MLK did, but continuing to dream, I had to pull Nellie over and park and listen, because the conviction and power in their voices, in their experience, was something to hear.


Ingrid said...

Great bumper sticker.

My favorite (the only once I've ever bought) is, "My other car is a pair of boots."

Gretzky said...