Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Can I just say how amazing is she that she uses Wendell Berry to refute Marc Driscoll?" - K8

I don't think the words "Jesus" and "smack down" should really ever need to be used in the same sentence, but an editor at the NY Times apparently liked the combo earlier this month for Molly Worthen's writing about the hip pastor over at Mars Hill church.

My opinion of said pastor is not too high, mostly due to his beliefs about the role of women but also for a few other things I don't really have time for today.

BeCs did a great response over at Outsider Dreams, and you should read it. Wendell Berry to the rescue, as always.

If only we'd listen to the Wendell Berrys, our world would be a lot more peaceful and life-giving.

Incidentally, Jonathan Hiskes did a nice piece last fall on the two Mars Hills in Seattle, and it was a nice overview for those unsure of what I'm talking about.

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