Monday, January 5, 2009

"Can't you get a farmer on" - Mom

If you imagine my mom, you could imagine a Mrs. Bennet of the current day. Although my mom is so much cooler than Mrs. Bennet in so many ways, she does have this thing about wanting all her children to be married off. It physically pains her that my cousins have all paired up, while none of my siblings or I have current love interests.

I've been reading a lot about food lately - Animal, Miracle, Vegetable, Omnivore's Dilemna, Citizenship Papers, Allan Nation, Marion Nestle, Joel Salatin....and at New Year's I thought out loud that I should maybe move to Bellingham with a goat and some raspberry plants and grow a garden there that my friends and I can eat from.

This was mom's response to said idea.

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