Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"squirrels are generally clever and persistent animals" - wikipedia

Last week at Gretzky's, anytime the upstairs apt took a shower, water would start leaking onto our bathroom floor. Not just a small amount, mind you. Both bath rugs and the towel we laid down were sopping. It wasn't a waterfall, either, which might have been marginally more exciting. Instead, it came from the crack between the tub and the floor. Kind of disturbing.

Turns out that our good landlord* found some squirrels making mischief. They crawled in through the attic and down among the pipes by the bathtub. They had been merrily gnawing on the pipes, probably since October. This clearly caused some problems.

I have never been a fan of squirrels.

My sincere dislike of them was cemented my freshman year of college, when I was walking past a garbage can by the library, blissfully thinking about some boy I had classes with. A brown furry creature propelled itself out of said garbage can with some sort of moldy wadded up paper in its mouth. Apparently it couldn't see beyond what was in its mouth, and it propelled itself about 4 inches away from my left foot. I stopped, screeched dramatically, and my heart started racing. The squirrel hustled off into some bushes nearby. I'm sure the whole episode made some passers-by laugh. It made me very annoyed at squirrels, and my annoyance has simply continued to this day.

But now the bathroom is fixed and the house is sealed up nice and tight in hopes of squirrel prevention.

*We have a very nice landlord who is extremely responsive and helpful. We are fans.

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