Wednesday, January 7, 2009

waving magic wands making everything more beautiful....

On Monday night I got to share in a Three Kings Eve celebration with friends. We watched a Christmas story, told mostly in music, including Juanes, Julieta Venegas, Olga Tanon, and other excellent musicians...A side performance by Daddy Yankee seemed slightly out of place in the story line but was still entertaining.

We ate pasteles, pork, and rice and beans, and I could have eaten about 18 plates but restrained myself to two. And then we got a flashlight and trekked outside to gather grass for the camels of the kings bringing gifts to baby Jesus.

What a great way to finish the Christmas season - enjoying good food and friends and stories, celebrating the complete story of Christ's Friends had painted the story of the nativity, and it was like a living painting - the kings hadn't been added yet, because they hadn't come yet - such a lovely, cool way to reflect on the Christ's birth and teach little ones about the story. you should read what Eliacin says about it.

I think 12th night and other festivals used to be celebrated much more frequently - I vote we bring them back.


april. said...

i feel very mexican, as i know all of these musicians. sigh.

Gretzky said...

they aren't all Mexican Cowboy April!