Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"He should fill that pond full of piranhas." - Dad

My dad is not known for his bloodthirsty ambitions in most areas. Once he found a rabbit on the side of the road after it had been run over by a car, twitching and barely holding on to life. He thought it best to put the rabbit out of its misery by hitting it on the head with a hammer, but he cried after doing so.

However, in the realm of basketball, there are things that make his blood boil. The whole Sonics/Clay Bennet/Nickels quotes saga was a very trying time for him. He switched allegiances upon leaving Chicago 27 years ago, but his beloved Sonics are no longer.

Well, they're sort of around. If you can call a 12-38 record playing.

So I was at dinner at the parents' a while back with one of my friends, whose dad is an aquascaper. He happens to be building a pond this month in Oklahoma City, for Mr. Bennett, and this came out in our dinner conversation. Dad went from zero to angry in about .23 seconds.

His rant started with "That greg nickels, saying he dealt well with the sonics situation. What would have been bad? If the whole team got on a plane that went up in flames and they all died?" and ended with the bit about piranhas...

Sorry, Dad.

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