Monday, February 9, 2009

"I saw that going differently in my mind." -Hitch

You know that scene in Hitch when Wil Smith shows Eva her great-grandpa on the list at Ellis Island, and she bursts into tears and runs off? Not quite what he anticipated....

This weekend, Woods and I got dressed to the nines. I even had clickety-clack heels on - not really normal Saturday grocery-store attire. We stopped at the Renton Safeway and were ably checked out by the assistant manager, Mike. He happened to be pretty good looking, let me tell you. If I weren't on a man-fast, I would've asked for his number.*

Mike: What're you two up to?

Gretzky: A funeral.

Mike: (Blinks, nods his head, finishes putting the veggie tray in a bag.) Okay.

Woods: Not where you envisioned that one going, eh?

Gretzky: (Laughs. Then rearranges her face into a more serious expression as Mike hands Woods the bag.)
Mike: Have a good day.

Gretzky: You too. (Walking out the automatic door.)

Woods: I think that made my day.

*I know, it's super shallow that this is what I was thinking about as I was headed to the funeral, but I'm being honest here.

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