Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"that's a lot of prepositions" - Javier

I went to see He's Just not That Into You last week, having not yet read any reviews for it. I figured it would be shallow, have at least a couple laugh out loud lines, and an ending I'd be mostly pleased with.

While it delivered on two of those counts, upon reflection, I've got a couple problems with it.

1) the opening scene in which women around the world complain about men. The scene of women in africa was painfully demeaning.

2) the movie was set in Baltimore, a city I love and lived in for 3 years. But this was not a Baltimore I had a glossy, happy veneer on it. It was the nice, polished Fells Point, Inner Harbor, or Mt. Vernon neighborhoods, except airbrushed versions of even these. And it was very, very, very white. For more thoughts on this, see latoya peterson's review.

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