Tuesday, March 10, 2009

metro #11, the soul mate bus...

I’ve given up men for Lent, but I was on the #11 heading home the other day and soulmates came up. I was talking to my seatmate, studying to be a teacher after being laid off recently. She said that everyone on the #11 route is young and hip, and it should be a good spot to scope people out.

I said I’d keep it in mind and asked her how she met her husband. She said she was crossing the street at 1st and Bell, and he was crossing towards her. He stopped her mid-street, and they were married six months later.

Sounds pretty serendipitous to me….The thing about serendipity is that you have to be open to it, though, right? The dictionary says it’s the “accidental discovery of something fortunate.”

Here’s to serendipity, snowflakes, and orange murals in March.

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