Thursday, March 12, 2009

We're all bastards these days - Danny Westneat

"I'm in love with two women and I can't decide" -Jason Mesnick

"Maybe you should move to Utah, you big jerk! Effing bachelor bastard, that's what he is." -K8.

I know, I know, I'm a little slow on the uptake, seeing as how the bachelor asked melissa to marry him and then dumped her for molly a couple weeks ago.

All I know is that at the beginning of the Bachelor season earlier this year, an alien inhabited the body of my best friend. I knew this because I called to talk to her and she said, "I have to go now. The Bachelor's starting." I was pretty much in disbelief, which continued when she gave me updates every week of what had happened. She tried to get me to watch it, and I'll be honest, I watched a bit on the ABC website. I did not get sucked into the Bachelor however, because I was getting sucked into Veronica Mars by Sij. More on this later.

But even k8 got pissed at the ending, and Danny Westneat even put it in his column. Not a very favorable impression of people these days....

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k8 said...

ahhh...yes, probably the same alien that forced you to blog about it on myspace a few years ago.

it's a terrible show. and you know why it's terrible? because perfectly kind people like me (okay, perfectly is probably an exaggeration at this point in my life), end up calling someone they don't know a bastard. that is just sad. it's effing sad.