Monday, March 16, 2009

"You can have anything" - Waiter

Gretzky: "Anything?"

Waiter: "Anything on the menu, that is."

Set out on a walk with Ringo the other day. We found ourselves wandering around among all those beautiful old creaky colorful houses meandering along Volunteer Park.

And then we found ourselves at the Volunteer Park CafĂ©, which Ringo loves...I had never been, but I'll definitely be back. I only wish it was closer to my house and also on my way to work - I had the BEST decaf vanilla latte I’ve ever had in my life. I regret now I did not get the barista's name, because he makes damn good coffee. And he painted a lovely fern on top. Nice work, that's all I have to say.

They ran out of the strata after I ordered it and were so apologetic they told me I could have anything I wanted. And then gave me about half a quiche, which Ringo and I promptly devoured. It was also delicious.

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