Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"arthur did not create calendar envelopes." - gretzky

I am annoyed lately at how people try and take credit for things they did not come up with. It's plagiarism, people.

there's really nothing new under the sun, folks, and it's important to acknowledge that probably your great idea, unless you are einstein, has been thought of by someone else. And it's okay to acknowledge that. In fact, it's great to acknowledge it. Makes the world a better place, actually. And if you are einstein, you need to acknowledge that your great work was built upon the ground work of those who studied before you.

Anyway, all this vehemence is over the simple thing of calendar envelopes, which someone in my office brought in a pattern for this week, claiming to have created them.

Um, I'm pretty sure I made calendar envelopes in my 3rd grade art class, and my 3rd grade teacher did not know this co-worker of mine who is making such audacious claims.

Here, for your perusal, are five places with instruction on how to make calendar envelopes. None of which was created by my co-worker, for the record:


Making Friends

No Place Like Home (great pictures!)

Tammy's Recipes

Cut Out and Keep

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