Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"i see why he's called diablo" - arthur

wallace and i met an unleashed dog yesterday walking back home with arthur. said dog, diablo, initially barked a couple times, and then attached himself to wallace's chest with his teeth...then he went for wallace's ear.

Wallace, to his credit, looked down at diablo as if he were a pesky mosquito, and mostly ignored him. Although when diablo went for the ear, wallace did swat him.

Diablo was not neuetered, and I'm pretty sure suffers from a napoleon complex. regardless, this is one of the best arguments for nuetering ever. C'mon people! Unless you're going to be a real, official breeder, you do not need a dog that is unfixed, especially in a city where they are going to interact with other dogs. Either fix them, or train them. if you need reasons why this is a good idea, the Humane Society has some.

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