Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"wallace, you just made my day" - john

um, isn't this what every dog owner loves to hear? that their dog is making people's day?

this morning at katy's, with my cup of chai in one hand (best chai in seattle, peeps) and wallace on the other end of his leash, john bent down to pet him, and ended up telling me about his australian shepherd who he finally had to put down after 18 years last summer - cue blinky tears here. John loved wallace, and wallace loved john after he got a treat from the bin of treats katy keeps on her counter. wallace is scared of mostly anything that moves (he was rescued last month), and our approach right now is to give everyone he meets treats to give him, so he learns that people are nice and love him. this will help him not be scared. we all know scared dogs aren't good.

i promise this is not going to become an ode-to-my-dog-blog, but if you're a seattle area dog owner, you should check out Margaret's 21st century dog training. the resources page is AWESOME.

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