Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"I want it to be Logan!"- Sis

We all want it to be Logan, Sis.....In the continuing blogs on how much we love Veronica Mars, last week sis was having a crummy week...she came over for dinner Thursday. I gave her Season One of Veronica Mars, reasoning this should be enough to help anyone get in a better mood. I told her to watch it, and call me in the morning.

She called me Sunday morning, saying she'd finished Season One and she was going crazy trying to decide if it was Logan or Duncan outside Veronica's door...

I pointed out that watching the ENTIRE season one from Thursday night to Sat night was enough to give me pause, since there's 22 episodes, about 16 ish hours of television right there....She came over, took Season Two on Sunday, and would probably be on Season Three by now except that she's on vacation with my Veronica's having to wait for a while.

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