Thursday, April 30, 2009

sexism is alive and well g-chats

meg: ♫ feels this way everyday:

evs: just rode on a camel

georgie: Beet and Squash Faux Tomato Sauce -

k8: ♫ hey, what was that PBS documentary we screened at journey last spring?


Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that this is not an all-or-nothing thing. The nyt article is obviously presenting a generalization.

Yes, I have a friend (who is a girl) that works as a "hard-hat" engineer for a very old-world utility company and unfortunately sexism is a constant issue she has to face. I guess Meg has to deal with it too, which is very unfortunate as well. My generalization would be that as the baby-boomers retire, these issues will continue to decrease.

For a snapshot of my workplace experience as an engineer, our group is 33% female. And it used to be 42%. (neither side wanted her to go) And as a white male, we are only 25%. And the group is 66% asian. There's more I could say about our group, but I have many ex-coworkers that still rave about and miss our workplace environment.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out sexism isn't "alive and well" in all engineering work environments. As obama and the article point out, this country needs all the scientists/engineers that we can get no matter what gender or ethnicity.

Oh, and BTW kudos for working with that MESA group.... we need more of that. :)


Gretzky said...

johnny v! I'm so glad you're in an environment where sexism is not running rampant, and if meg wanted to live in dallas, I would send her your way, for sure...i would only add that I think sexism is alive and well in all environments, not just engineering - I do think it's gotten better over time, but I also think it's still here.