Thursday, June 5, 2008

"This whole week has been a mistake." - Mom

My mom and dad were supposed to go on vacation this week. Mom was taking a class on shibori fabric dying, from one of the world's leading experts, the woman whose material was used in costumes for The Lion King. Pretty cool stuff. (on a side note, I saw the Lion King in London in spring 2002, and I paid 10 pounds to stand up in the back of the theater. It was perhaps one of best uses of $15.00 I've ever made.)

But in the place they rented, Dad kept falling off the tiny bed, and the heat didn't work. Also, Mom woke up sick and went to her class, which was using space heaters since their heat was also out. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but in Washington, sometimes you need heat in June. Actually, most of the time.

They rented a different place, but the only pet-friendly place they found was a smoker's room, which makes Mom wheeze. And she didn't feel well enough to go to her class. So they came home early and Mom's still sick, in bed, and Dad's puttering around the house.

Some weeks are like that, even in Australia.

I took Dad's truck back home last night since I had used it to move a table, and I was very angry about some miscommunication that happened earlier this week. Mom, in her infinite wisdom even from her sickbed, said that everyone makes mistakes, and no one is perfect. It helped me calm down a little bit.

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k8 said...

the only thing that hasn't been a mistake about this week is my fortune from Pei Wei: Your luck will completely change today (in bed). i say, bring it on. unless even the good news was a mistake. boo.