Friday, July 25, 2008

and another thing: watermelon kegs for summertime

K8 says we should do this when she comes into town, and I might have to agree with her. Drinks with watermelon sound fantasticly like summer, either way. And it's almost happy hour time, folks.


Hovig said...

If the facts that you alone are super fly and Seattle is super cool weren't enough to convince me, this watermelon keg is TOTALLY putting me over the top - I'm TOTALLY coming to visit you once I finish my exam. But I will only come if we can make a watermelon keg.

Just one thing: as a med student, I must inform all who read this that they should make sure to disinfect the drill before using it to drill the watermelon - you don't want to get tetanus from your drink! :)

Gretzky said...

Yes!!!! (accompanied by a fist pump.) I don't know if I'm more excited about you coming to visit or that I've never been described as "super fly" before. Either way, win-win.

And we can totally break out the watermelon keg, with properly disinfected drill bits.