Friday, July 11, 2008

"When you've got nowhere to turn, turn on the gas." - Truman Capote

In the hurricane that is sometimes my life, there've been some good moments in the last 60 hours. Not really calm moments, but good ones.

Tuesday night the Round was on and the music was not so great, but the poet was a wordsmith and I had good company.

Yesterday I went on a walk with my new boss and passed some kids playing in the park who he knew. A first grader from Ethiopia told me proudly: "I can spell my name!" He proceeded to do so, sounding out the letters of both his first and last name, and counting letters on his fingers. Adorable. Also, one of my co-workers' mom made me what might have been the most lemony lemon bar in the world, and I was in heaven for a little bit of the afternoon.

Last night University Bridge was up on my way to play kickball. Not to let a ship pass by, just up in the air. I sat there for 20 minutes, getting angrier and angrier, thinking about how hard I wanted to kick the ball. Traffic is not my friend. I probably need to work on patience. And up at bat I kicked three immediate outs, pop flies. Fuckin' a. By the way, for those of you in kickball leagues who are women, don't bunt. Please. It's a disgrace to our gender. This is how we get killed on the field, women come up to bat and bunt. Every time. Maybe once, even twice, I could handle, but really, every time? Just kick. Then we went to Piccolo's and Ti ate a calzone the size of a 2 year old. Quite a feat. On a side note, Piccolo's is across the street from a place Ted Bundy used to frequent, which is kind of creepy.

And BeCs came back from soccer and we watched Once and got sad. I wanted a happy ending. Actually, it was a happy ending of sorts, but it was also sad. I hope this isn't how life really turns out.

BeCs said something about how it's crazy how you have these relationships where you love a person and share a whole part of your life with them, and then you don't have them anymore, you have a different relationship, but that other person is still there, still a part of you somewhere.

And in that vein, about the falling in love versus not falling in love or chemistry or pheromone attraction or whatever you want to call it (P.J. would probably use words like "biological drive to procreate"): If it doesn't happen or does happen, is it because somebody wasn't brave enough, or is it because circumstances do or don't allow for it, you know? I don't know if that makes sense, but it's a question I have right now.

This morning I was prepared to be sad because it's Cab's last day at work and she is moving all the way to Pittsburgh and I can't handle it. But then we had a welcome breakfast from Essential for a new employee, and I had an amazing meeting with an awesome director of such a cool program for kids, and got so excited about the possibilities for kids' learning.

Then I went to a work picnic under overcast skies, which turned to sun shortly after we got there. We had sandwiches from Saigon Deli and then needed to move around. Cab and I started kicking a soccer ball around, and a 4 year old named Jordan asked if he could play with us. He was an awesome kicker.

On the walk back to work, I took the tablecloth, which was really a hibiscus sarong Arthur got from Hawaii, and wore it back to the office. How many times can you go to work with a sarong?

Then I watched three co-workers debate whether or not we should interview someone who submitted a cover letter with the phrase "TWIMC" as the address - as in, To Whom It May Concern. I think this is a use of an innapropriate text, speaking of Cab. Final verdict: Absolutely not.

After work I took the best ten dollar wine ever, the Trout Trilogy 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon, over to Cab's. We walked to heaven in Fremont, otherwise known as Paseo, and ate every delicious bite of caribbean goodness after flirting with the waiter.

And then I managed successfully to not cry as I left. Now the only thing left to do today is figure out whether to wear the blue or red sundress to Meg's rehearsal dinner deal tomorrow and also if I can get away with one pair of high heels for this wedding weekend. I vote yes to this idea.

N.B. By the way, go Enumclaw! When I was in high school, Enumclaw was known for the highest teen pregnancy rate in King county, but it sounds like they've come a long way if they're battling Nestle.

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