Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"You don't measure?" - Gretzky

"Hell, no." - Arthur

"Right." - Gretzky

I was learning how to make coffee in our new machine at work at 7:30 this morning before an early meeting. When I was teaching, 7:30 felt like 10 a.m., but these days it feels like an ungodly hour, especially since things don't really hum around my office til 10 or so.

My observations from this morning are as follows:

1) It's really awesome to have a boss who curses. I know "hell" might not totally count as one of those hard curses, but I'm just sayin', it's okay for me to let loose with words not uttered in polite company, and since I do this frequently - I blame it all on Bmore and Sarah-Jane Irwin Wells, by the way - it's nice to have a boss who doesn't care.

2) Making coffee continues to mystify me. I can make those silly fancy drinks since I once in a galaxy far far away was a barista, sort of, but the regular
drip coffee expertise eludes me. Is it one teaspoon for every cup? One tablespoon for every cup? Arthur just poured a bunch of grounds in, and it was perfect - strong, but not so strong it takes the hair off your chest. But I wasn't really awake yet, and although I watched carefully while he poured the coffee in, I couldn't really tell you how much he put in to get that perfect pot.

3) Even when I get to work at 7:15, nothing productive happens in my brain until maybe 9:20. Maybe. That's pushing it, even. So I probably shouldn't bother going in early to catch up on things, it doesn't work out well for me.

4) I am a girl who likes to measure. Kind of freaks me out a little bit not to measure. Probably this is why my baked goods always turn out well but I'm still learning to cook. I have a hard time trusting my gut in things. I like to analyze and over-analyze so I'm confident I'm making the right decision. Blink is helping me not do this as much.

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